Radio Dial

track list:

  1. Into The Night
  2. Heavy
  3. Lion's Mouth
  4. Red Letter Man
  5. Keep Your Love With Me
  6. Home
  7. Come Back To Me
  8. Chocolate Croissant
  9. Dark Dark Winter
  10. Bows And Arrows
  11. Black Lights
  12. Hospital Shirt
  13. New York City

Radio Dial

A Hopedale, MA native, Jason has been writing and recording since 2003 when he released his first full length album "Long Way Down." Since then, he's spent his time touring and releasing subsequent albums before settling down long enough to make "Radio Dial," in which he enlisted the help of friends Austin Nevins (guitars) and Sam Kassirer (keys), both members of Josh Ritter's Royal City Band, as well as David Dawda (bass) and Joel Arnow (drums).

Self-produced at Vanity Sound in Brooklyn, NY, Jason and engineer Myles Turney began by recording live to analog tape, giving the foundation of the album a scrappy, raw sound, evocative of roots-based albums like Lucinda Williams' "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road," or, the more modern day, Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky." Yet, the songs also contained big, melody-driven, pop ambitions in the vein of records like Counting Crows' "August and Everything After," or The Wallflowers' "Bringing Down The Horse" -- song-centric 90's rock records that occupied Jason's world when he was a teenager growing up in a small mill town. However, rather than grapple with these two different influences, Jason strove at the outset to make a record where they both could sit side by side at the same musical table. It was in that spirit that "Radio Dial," Jason's fourth album, was born.

Released on June 17th 2012.
Engineered and mixed by Myles Turney
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk in nyc
Produced by Jason Myles Goss
Copyright 2012, Jeswaldo Sounds (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

Jason Myles Goss -- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar on "Home," Tambourine on "Black Lights"

David Dawda -- Electric Bass, Upright Bass

Austin Nevins -- Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel, Banjo, Baritone Ukulele, Omnichord, Glockenspiel

Sam Kassirer -- Piano, Organ, Accordion, Fender Rhodes, Vibraphone

Joel Arnow -- Drums, Tambourine, Shaker, Vocals on "New York City"

Myles Turney -- Vocals on "New York City"

Album Photography by Doug Seymour

Album Design by Jason Kenison